Haptonomy is defined as the “Science of Affectivity”, with a framework put together by Frans Veldman (Netherlands, 1921 – France, January 25, 2010).

Haptonomy defines several ways of existing towards the world and relating to others. Most of us exist within a rational mode of existence; the goal of Haptonomy is to allow any individual to reach an affective mode of existence, one that allows full autonomy to cope with all the difficult avenues of life, as well as be present and available for the more enjoyable ones. It’s a mode of existence that enlightens our existing rational attributes. This is done through a work that includes integration and affective confirmation (a form of intrinsic, core experienced emotional validation) and set of skills that incorporate a form of affective contact.

Haptonomy is usually most known in mainland Europe (primarily in France, followed by Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany) within the context of pregnancy accompaniment, and has also applications in nursing, medical science, physical manipulation such as chiropraxy, counselling and psychology, and palliative care.

My name is Nathaniel, and I am the only professional certified in Haptonomy in Ireland. I no longer take in appointments, but I can offer, under exceptional circumstances, a limited form of guidance (I have left my historical website online as a reference only).

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