Having a child nowadays can sometimes prove a challenge. There may be medical difficulties involved, that usually compound a strong emotional state that steps in the moment getting pregnant starts to take more time than anticipated.

Because having a child in our society is viewed as a right and a personal realization at the same level as having a right to health, and with all the medical warfare available for fertility assistance and medically assisted pregnancies, it is very easy to consider the unborn child as a concept, until the day the baby is given birth.

Preparing for pregnancy

fertilityWe have evidence today that tissues hold and transfer memories – especially emotional information. Before a child is physically conceived, the tissues from both parents in their whole bodies represent a constellation of meanings, memories and preconditions that make for a unique space where their children will be develop and be born, and will shape his genetic material based on the influence of the memories and stories his parent’s tell his own tissues.

Haptonomy allows not only to work on the memories of these tissues, but most and foremost, it invites the parents to be into making emotional room and information in their beings so that the impending emotional message transmitted to the baby’s cell while growing in the womb are those of desire for life, affection and welcoming.

This preparation to parenthood enhances the haptonomic accompaniment of pregnancy and may be started at any time before a child is conceived – both parents are required for these sessions, just as in perinatal haptonomy.

Helping with fertility treatments

Because of the factors exposed above, hatponomy will be of valuable help with pathology and infertility treatments or medically assisted procreation. It will ensure there is an affective dimension to the process and lay out the optimal ground for the technical actions to yield their best results – not only by removing blockages but also by leveraging all the available resources from the individual parents.

Haptonomy gives medical procedures a meaningful and humane dimension and therefore facilitates the chances for the right outcome to take place, in the history and context of the parenting project and its participants.

Preparing for a hatpnomy session

Because I visit to the comfort of your own house or place, there are a few requirements I warmly invite to look after:

Checked-User-32ensure there is enough room to accommodate a massage folding table and a couple of chairs/stools.

Checked-User-32during the session, the approachee (the “patient”) is on his or her underwear. Please ensure the room of your choice preserves your privacy (windows, etc…) and that the room is warm enough for your comfort.

Checked-User-32both parents are required for all sessions – there can be no exceptions. Please make sure that other children are looked after and that there will be no interruptions.

  • Pre and post natal haptonomy

    Haptonomy accompaniment of pregnancy.
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  • Counseling and therapy

    Guidance to the feeling of completeness and deep sense of security.
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