HaptosynesisHaptosynesis focuses greatly on changing what haptonomy calls the tonus of representation. By softening and making more flexible the body of tissues that reflect how we engage to the world and to the circumstances it imposes to us (including sickness and pain), mobility and mobilization are increased, allowing people to use and rely on their own resources, and, depending on the situation, being able to regain range of motion, increase their pain threshold and/or improve general comfort and well-being.

Haptosynesis can be used to facilitate uncomfortable medical exams for both the patient and the professional when mobility, pain, fears and other impediments make theses events a challenge. It also has a place for those facing long term illness and lost of physical faculties, and with chronic illnesses. Athletes will also find benefits applied to their fields.

Haptonomy and end of life care

tile_12Haptosynesis can be a valuable help for end of life care. On top of enhancing comfort and well-being, it can help develop a sense of completeness and security that allows to live and face this last transition in peace and even delectation.

Family members of terminally ill people can greatly benefit of haptonomy sessions  as they will enhance their own experience of this chapter of life of their relatives, and at the same time allow to deploy haptonomic faculties with their sick relatives that will express these aforementioned feelings of security and completeness.

Preparing for a haptonomy session

Because I visit to the comfort of your own house or place, there are a few requirements I warmly invite to look after:

ensure there is enough room to accommodate a massage folding table and a couple of chairs/stools.

during the session, the approachee (the “patient”) is on his or her underwear. Please ensure the room of your choice preserves your privacy (windows, etc…) and that the room is warm enough for your comfort.

both parents are required for all sessions – there can be no exceptions. Please make sure that other children are looked after and that there will be no interruptions.

  • Pre and post natal haptonomy

    Haptonomy accompaniment of pregnancy.
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  • Counseling and therapy

    Guidance to the feeling of completeness and deep sense of security.
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  • Visiting hours

    • Monday - Friday
      18.00 - 20.00
    • Saturday
      10.00 - 18.00
    • Sunday
      10.00 - 17.00

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