perinatalityHaptonomy pregancy accompaniments aim at facilitating the development of an active emotional relationship between the mother, the father and their child.

Its extend is  larger than childbirth preparation: it helps building and developing a parenthood feeling and seeks the relational involvement of the child from the moment of conception, in the womb. Conducted in an atmosphere of safety, love and confidence, this accompaniment continues after birth until walking age – a major step in the autonomy process. The  quality of the affective relationship that develops between parents and children is one that helps prevent issues in the process of maturing as an individual.

It always implies a dimension of joy and it is advisable to start as early as possible (and not later than the beginning of the 7th month – 28th week of gestations- as a maturation time is necessary for the parents and the child between sessions). Parents will find that they can provide support to each other and to the child at physical, mental and emotional levels, all while giving their baby a place of its own,  long before, during and after birth. They will have the opportunity to invite their child to take the initiative in this encounter, building the groundwork of their relationship : one oriented towards autonomy, within a context of emotional security, laying the foundation of a later embracing of social relationships in which everyone has a place, and with implied value to mutual respect.

Important to know: incompatibilities

The stimulation of affective sub-cortical (this means not willpower related) pathways and the inherent intimacy implied in haptonomy conflict with other approaches during the same pregnancy, that involve breathing control, visualization, yoga, sophrology and pyschoprophilaxis.

Additionally, haptonomy may never be practiced in group sessions.

Preparing for a haptonomy session

Because I visit to the comfort of your own house or place, there are a few requirements I warmly invite to look after:

Checked-User-32ensure there is enough room to accommodate a massage folding table and a couple of chairs/stools.

Checked-User-32during the session, the approachee (the “patient”) is on his or her underwear. Please ensure the room of your choice preserves your privacy (windows, etc…) and that the room is warm enough for your comfort.

Checked-User-32both parents are required for all sessions – there can be no exceptions. Please make sure that other children are looked after and that there will be no interruptions.

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